Who are AJJB Law?

We are a regulated law firm here to help you find the right way forward

AJJB Law is a debt resolution specialist firm with experience across a range of industries. The role of our web-portal and paralegal team is to resolve your situation as quickly and easily as possible.

Who are AJJB Law?

How This Works.

Pre-Legal Contact

We work on behalf of some of the largest UK companies and if you’ve had a notification from us it is most likely following instruction from one of our partners.

If you have been contacted by us, please get in touch so we can resolve your situation before the legal process commences. You can do this via our web-portal where we have live-chat and SMS chat support, by emailing or by calling us.

Claim & Judgment

If you have not contacted us having received our pre-legal requests, court proceedings can be instigated.


Following judgement, on behalf of our client, we will review the potential enforcement options.

Need advice?

Do you want to speak to someone impartial? Not a problem - these are all authorised debt advisors that offer their services to consumers for free. Be sure to let us know so we can keep your account up to date.